Channeling my Inner Shia Labeouf


I’ve never lived in a city. So with Jerym having left for new home on the water, I too decided to test the waters (no pun intended) of a different home. Melbourne here I come! More accurately it was Sydney I chose, but after having an ‘enlightening’ experience during a work away (a volunteer program where places or people invite you to live with them in exchange for work) in the middle of the national park south of Sydney, I decided along with a friend that we weren’t finding happiness here. Long story short it was a yoga retreat centre which sounded lovely, but if you’re not the religious type it’s a bit of a reclusive place to spend your time. Plus the fact I did about 3 hours of yoga over the period of 3 weeks was not ideal. I felt rather brain boggled and had far too much alone time with my thoughts, so normally when this happens…Change is needed! A little side note on Sydney, I love it but now having spent some time in Melbourne I realised how ‘businessy’ it is in comparison to Melbourne’s quirks and entrepreneurial vibe (one of the very inspiration which made me start this blog). Apples and Oranges right, at the end of the day the people make the place, you like what you like!


One very interesting night train later and me a two friends arrived in Melbourne. I say interesting because whilst I felt like I was having an early life crisis trying to uncover the answer to the pressing matter of ‘what is my purpose’, the universe decided that I should be sat next to an official life coach.  Like his job was to coach you through life…how very fitting. Somehow we just fell into a deep conversation about life, psychology and his alkaline water obsession (he literally carried around a suitcase with a alkaline water converter, which apparently has a lot of health benefits). It was a great way to pass the 11 hours of travel, but I recommend anyone travelling the distance, just take a flight it’s so much cheaper and less time consuming (oops).


The job hunt began pretty swiftly. I wanted a job, I wanted a house, I wanted to suss this city… kinda in reference to the sex in the city girls, that was my idea of living in a city (not the most realistic).  I wanted a job in retail, I had the most experience in the industry and I really enjoyed it. I practically lived in the Victoria State Library, it was an inspiring place and really got my motivation going as I had the applications going out thick and fast. It got the stage that I’d click on a job, only to find out that I’d already applied. I handed out CV’s, followed up on applications, and surveyed every shop window I walked past looking for available job opportunities. I did everything.  1 week past, nothing, 2 weeks past and still nothing. So shoutout to those people who say it’s easy to get a job and a house…it’s not easy it’s hard work.


As it currently stands, it’s been a month and I’m still jobless. But I have promising interviews and floor trials planned this week so fingers crossed. It’s just a bloody long process. However I have found a house with two lovely girls and a super cute kitten (yay). So one step at a time. And I’ve also learnt that you need a balance, I actually need to enjoy the city. So heres to more coffee dates, and brunches and exploring with fab people.





If I’m honest, it’s been hard and normally I would have probably fled by now. But life’s a zig zag. There are really bad times, ordinary times and absolutely amazing times. Don’t put so much pressure on yourself to be happy and don’t compare your journey to someone else’s. So a note from me to me, channel your inner Shia LaBeouf. Just Do It.

Bit of a more personal, blabbering post.



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