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My mum got really excited and thought that we should call the blog ‘Quirky Simple Fun Travels’ she really is the cutest… so without further ado keep tune for some quirky simple fun travels!

The idea came to start-up a blog as a way to share our adventures and our experiences. Whilst Jerym is sailing the seven seas… quite literally, he’s on a big fancy cruise ship, working onboard as it’s resident DJ (yes that is a job), and I’m finding my feet in the quirky city that is Melbourne, we felt inspired to create a travel blog. The idea was spurred on by our passion of photography and my love of writing, our conversations always ending up with the same conclusion: why the hell not?!


This blog is very much about ‘finding out way’ as we come to terms with the zig zags of life, whilst being fascinated by the beautiful world we live in and continue to explore. Now doing the long distance relationship thang all over again (oh the joys) we found ourselves constantly looking back on past travelling adventures, and forgetting that it never stopped, we still are very much on a adventure!

So yes this is all very new and kinda scary because as much as I want to say I know what I’m doing, I can’t put up the facade. It took me at least 30 minutes to realise how to actually write a post… So I think we’re off to a great start!



Laura & Jerym

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  1. Hey Laura, Jerym,
    Great idea, loving seeing this!
    And when your ‘adventure-meter’ is reading low, then maybe you can blog about some of your adventures past!
    Looking forward to seeing the next one!

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  2. Hey Loz,
    This is amazing!! Can’t wait to see what else you write and where this will take you 😘😍🌞

    Love you lots xxxx

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